Latest bending innovations from Prima

A number of new technologies and solutions by Prima Power had their world premiere at the Blechexpo in Germany last November, including the company’s LPBB (Laser cutting – Punching – Buffering – Bending) manufacturing line. The LPBB features fibre-laser cutting, punching and automatic bending enhanced with LSR loading and stacking robot technology.

Prima Power’s EBe5-3 included in the LPBB system is an automatic servo-electric bending machine with a maximum bending length of 2750 mm. The machine is equipped with PCD picking and centring device, BTD bend-turning device, a single wagon for standard pallet with new part-stacking function, and a new lifting door designed to reduce the machine footprint. Among main innovations, Tulus HMI software presents optimised tool change, a monitoring view function to follow the process flow step by step, as well as a new interpolation function that generates new angle correction parameters to bend parts with thicknesses and bending lengths that do not correspond to the values saved in the database.
Also on show was the eP-1030 servo-electric press brake, which is now available with the new version of the bending follower option, allowing simpler and faster positioning of big and heavy parts that cannot be handled by a single operator. The eP-press can also be equipped with a flattening table to increase productivity and facilitate the operation. Wila-style upper and lower hydraulic tool clamping by Prima Power and an Iris Plus device for the real-time correction of angles complete the machine.
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