Large workpieces sawn with precision

Structural steel and tool steel stockholder and processor, JKZ Bučovice, is using KASTObbs automated block bandsaws to cut large, heavy billets and plates of various geometries, grades and dimensions. The company delivers components to domestic customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States.

Founded in 2000, employing 125 staff and with an annual turnover of €20m, the company holds approximately 10,000 tonnes of steel in its 15,000 sq m warehouse. The oldest Kasto vertical block bandsaws have been in use for nearly 20 years and are still operating reliably today. More recently, the company invested in two KASTObbs A 3×20 bandsaws for cutting material up to 420 mm high by 7 m long and weighing up to 56 tonnes.

Marek Hermann, sales and production director at JKZ, says: “The new KASTObbs saws are very robust and reliable and provide the high degree of quality and precision that our customers demand, especially those in the toolmaking sector.”

Characteristic of this bandsaw series is a longitudinal cutting method using a vertically oriented blade. The saw head moves on rails having side-mounted, hardened and ground rollers, while the workpiece remains static on the saw table. This configuration results in a small footprint, while the torsion-resistant, welded construction provides smooth running and vibration-free operation, leading to shorter cutting times and longer blade life.

JKZ employees are able to adjust the cutting infeed to optimise productivity, consistent with the required workpiece quality and the cross section of the material in-cut. Band speed is also infinitely variable from the integrated control panel.
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