Kuka KR Fortec has dynamic performance

Kuka says that its new KR Fortec industrial robot delivers versatility in a small footprint. Dynamic performance results in short cycle times,whilea compact shape makes it suitable for tasks such as handling and spot welding. Moreover, the fast KR Fortec tackles all this with low energy consumption.

The KR Fortec is available now, including with an extended arm that handles loads of 240 kg across a reach of 3700 mm. Technically, this heavy-duty robot fits between the KR Quantec and KR Fortec ultra. Cross-model modularisation ensures high transfer of robot series components.

Maximilian Pettkuhn, portfolio manager at Kuka, says:“We developed the KR Fortec to achieve a lower TCO and launch a resource-saving, lightweight product. The new robot is up to 700 kg lighter than its predecessor.”

According to Kuka, the KR Fortec is reliable with a long, trouble-free service life and low maintenance requirements. Furthermore, optimised accessibility makes maintenance work easy and quick. The two in-line wrists adopted from the KR Quantec and KR FortecUltra models are waterproof and dustproof as standard. Beyond that, the KR Fortec can operate between 0-55°C. Several foundry variants are available for harsh and dirty environments.

The working envelope of the KR Fortec is expandable with the KL 4000 linear unit, which is modularly adaptable between 1.5 and 30 m. A further advantage: the KR Quantec also fits on the KL 4000. For co-operation with the KR FortecUltra on the same linear unit,customers shouldselect the KL 5000. This allows users to continue adapting and combining products easily to meet individual requirements.

For further information www.kuka.com