Kick-off for EMO 2019

The starting whistle has been sounded for EMO 2019 (16-21 September 2019) with invitation and registration documents currently being sent out to companies in around 60 countries.

EMO Hannover 2017 Preview am 21./22. Juni 2017, Tagungsbereich Halle 19/20, Messegelände Hannover. Im Bild:
Carl Martin Welcker, Generalkommissar der EMO Hannover

“We contact almost every company in the world that does international business and has some connection with the manufacture of machine tools, tooling, components, software or automation for industrial production,” says Carl Martin Welcker, general commissioner of EMO 2019. According to the organiser, EMO exhibitors have responded well to the early bird discount, which runs until 15 October this year. .
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