IPS facilitates Industry 4.0 solutions

To avoid the possibility of engineers glazing over at the mention of Industry 4.0, “there is no better way to describe the potential rewards of the concept than by illustrating that better profitability and improved growth can only be achieved with customised digital manufacturing solutions”, says Starrag CEO Dr Christian Walti.

“And with Starrag’s Integrated Production System [IPS], users have available a modular solution that can be aligned with specific requirements, allowing individuals to effectively select their own à la carte solutions to realise the benefits of Industry 4.0 through automating and digitising their production.”
At the heart of IPS is a cell controller, proprietary to Starrag, which monitors machines and can guide and control the entire production process – in conjunction with a higher-level ERP system where applicable. The cell controller also ensures digital transparency by visualising system status, for example.
Developed in-house by Starrag, the cell controller is an open system that can link different system components, making it a very practical and cost-effective tool for customer-orientated Industry 4.0 solutions.
“IPS enables users to control and monitor their Starrag machines – standalone units through to flexible manufacturing systems and complete production lines – to ensure reliable production,” says Walti. “In addition, the technology enables us to support them in the complex task of using data in a networked production world to obtain added value.”
He adds: “Starrag has been using IPS components to develop wide-ranging Industry 4.0 solutions for a number of customers, including one company that invested in a flexible manufacturing system of six Ecospeed F2060 machining centres served by a rail-guided pallet shuttle system.”
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