Investment brings control to Hiretech

Gaining control of the manufacturing process is fundamental to the success of Watford-based Hire Technicians Group. The privately-owned business has evolved from being a tool-hire company to a global specialist in the design and manufacture of floor sanders and steam wallpaper strippers.
“There is a desire to gain as much control over our production as we can,” explains manufacturing manager Ron Putts. “In fact, it was this control that drove our decision to invest the Autopulit robot grinding, brushing and polishing cell from Ellesco. We can now do all of our polishing in-house, under our control, allowing us to meet customer needs more efficiently.”

The Autopulit cell from Ellesco fully automates the grinding, brushing and polishing of a number of components on Hiretech’s floor sanders. The cell comprises an ABB robot for automated part loading that features a chip-reading system for identifying which component is being picked up by the robot. Independent program selection means a mixture of differing parts can be run at any one time.
There are three belt-grinding stations, each with different abrasive grit, a brushing station for cleaning up certain areas of the castings and a double-headed polishing unit with oscillation and automatic polishing compound application via spray guns. While many OEMs see subcontracting as a way to reduce costs and eliminate in-house manufacturing, Hiretech takes the opposing view, and its program of investment is allowing the company to increase in-house production to over the 80% mark. The Autopulit cell is playing an important role in that change and strategy.
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