Integrated laser cutting from Citizen

Citizen Machinery’s fully integrated laser processing into the turn-milling cycle of its Cincom CNC sliding head lathes enables near endless possibilities for the creation of geometric shapes or precision holes into solid bar material which has been pre-drilled within the same production cycle or directly into tubular bar material.

The development opens the metal cutting process to producing burr-free holes as small as 0.2 mm diameter, produce features such as spiral cuts with 0.025 mm kerf width and maintain consistent and accurate radii less than 0.1 mm in corners of slots without any risk of tool wear or breakage. These can also be produced at a far faster rate than can be achieved by a separate EDM process, for instance.
Citizen’s breakthrough opens new design concepts in sectors such as medical, electronic and micro-machining. In a recent trial, a 150 W continuous laser head with an air purge to seal and clear the lens was mounted in the gang tool slide of the latest Citizen Cincom L20-Vlll machine in order to be incorporated into the cutting cycle to produce a complete workpiece from tubular material in a single cycle.
The workpiece, produced from 18 mm diameter tube with a 16 mm bore was turned, faced and had a single flat milled on the outside diameter. The laser beam then proceeded along and around the periphery using C-axis rotation to create a series of rectangular shaped features that were interlocked allowing the component to extend and retract.
A series of cuts were made to form a mesh and the Citizen logo profiled around the circumference.
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