Inspection service prioritises medical parts

CMM manufacturer LK Metrology has introduced a subcontract inspection service in support of UK and Irish ventilator – and other medical component and equipment manufacturers – which may not have sufficient quality control resources in-house.

When the government launched its Ventilator Challenge UK, the consortium behind it asked multinational firms such as Rolls-Royce, BAe and GKN to identify and involve OEMs and subcontract machinists in the aerospace, automotive and other industries that could help boost the production of medical parts. Designed to meet the target of 30,000 extra ventilators needed by the NHS to cope with the surge in COVID-19 patients, the consortium sought manufacturers with spare machining capacity, as well as ISO accreditation and expertise in metrology, to ensure the high level of quality required when making parts for medical equipment.
Some firms lacked the metrology element of the requirement. This factor prompted LK Metrology to expand the existing contract inspection service run from its headquarters in Castle Donington and make it available exclusively for those registered to supply ventilator and other medical parts.
Dave Robinson, marketing manager at LK Metrology, says: “We understand that manufacturers in the medical sector are needed to help provide valuable components, products and systems to combat the pandemic. The majority typically require the use of CMMs to measure, reverse engineer and assure the quality of many complex and precision parts, including prismatic, rotational and freeform types. For that reason, we are offering them a series of metrology services that we believe can be of assistance during these anxious times.”
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