Inoflex chuck aids Micron Precision

Brixworth-based Micron Precision Engineering has matched a recently installed DMG Mori DMU75 Monoblock machine tool with an InoFlex concentric and compensating four-jaw chuck from Thame Workholding.
“As standard chucks are somewhat limited, we searched for a secure, fast and flexible workholding method to help ensure the new machine’s efficient operation,” explains general manager Stuart Denton-Beaumont. “A visit to an exhibition provided the answer we were seeking. Thame Workholding recommended and demonstrated the capabilities of the Inoflex four-jaw self-centring chuck. As the Inoflexis able to securely hold a range of odd shapes and is extremely versatile, we were happy to place an order.”
Now fitted, the VD050 closed-centre 4-20” capacity Inoflex chuck has proven to be easy to use, fast to set-up and repeatable.
“Most of all, we have been impressed by its adaptability and ability to securely hold any shape of component,” says Denton-Beaumont. “Now, our new machine tool and Inoflex chuck have enabled us to take on a range of additional work.”
Gareth Barnett, Thame Workholding’s sales manager, adds: “In the past, companies have used rigid, concentric three-jaw chucks for clamping round parts and worked with two-jaw vices for rectangular and geometrically irregular components. Now, the trend is towards combined turning and milling machines for the production of round, rectangular and geometrically irregular parts. Thame Workholding has reacted to these developments by offering the first universal clamping
tool for holding circular, rectangular and asymmetrical shaped parts.”
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