Innovations from Leader Chuck

At EMO 2019, which took place recently in Hanover, Leader Chuck International demonstrated the latest work holding and productivity enhancing products from its range. Visitors were able to see first-hand innovations that included Blue Photon, CARVEsmart, Jato Precision and Orange Vice, with Leader’s 25 sq m stand hosting static and dynamic demonstrations of the improved efficiency and accuracy available from all of these technology providers.

Blue Photon is a photo-activated adhesive method of workpiece clamping that offers engineers the opportunity to take a fresh look at challenging applications.
Managing director Mark Jones says: “Adhesive work-holding technology is the perfect solution for holding delicate workpieces that are prone to distortion in the machining process. Parts such as large, thin rings and turbine blades are easily held in place by Blue Photon without the distortion that is caused using many other work-holding methods.
Elsewhere on the stand, Leader shone the spotlight on the Jato range of rotary, static and three-jaw diaphragm chucks. Offering high repeatability of concentricity, as well as low and adjustable clamping forces for efficiently loading and unloading fragile and thin-walled components, examples of Leader’s extensive Jato range were on display.
EMO 2019 also witnessed the launch of the Orange Delta IV compact vices and zero-point sub-plates for use in multi-axis and high-density milling set ups. The patent-pending Orange Delta IV vices feature a small 150 x 100 mm footprint and an integral zero-point interface, cross compatible with the company’s proprietary locating systems, as well as 52 mm pull-stud interfaces from other brands. Unlike self-centring vices common in the industry, the Orange Delta IV uses a novel serrated design that combines the best of self-centring vices and serrated fixtures.
Alongside the Orange Delta IV, Leader demonstrated a range of Orange machining vices that featured, as standard, the CARVEsmart quick-change vice jaw system with QC dovetailed jaw technology.
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