Industry’s first all-directional turning solutionf

SandvikCoromant has unveiled a new turning concept that is said to offer improved machining flexibility and the potential for significant productivity gains. Unlike conventional turning operations – which have remained largely unchanged for decades – PrimeTurning allows machine shops to complete longitudinal (forward and back), facing and profiling operations with a single tool. The methodology is based on the tool entering the component at the chuck and removing material as it travels towards the end of the component. This allows for the application of a small entering angle, higher lead angle and the possibility of machining with higher cutting parameters. Furthermore, conventional turning (from part-end to chuck) can be performed using the same tools.
SandvikCoromant believes that some applications could see productivity increases in excess of 50% through the deployment of PrimeTurning rather than conventional techniques. Some of these improvements are due to the small entering angle and higher lead angle, which create thinner, wider chips that spread the load and heat away from the nose radius. The result is said to be increased cutting data and extended tool life.
PrimeTurning is initially supported by the introduction of two dedicated CoroTurn Prime turning tools and the PrimeTurning code generator, which supplies optimised programming codes and techniques. CoroTurn Prime inserts have three edges/corners; one for longitudinal turning, one for facing and one for profiling, thus delivering efficient edge utilisation and longer tool life.
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