Industry-first zoom-enabled optical 3D scanner

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is launching a new type of high-productivity structured light scanner. Built on a completely re-engineered platform, Hexagon says the SmartScan VR800 is the first optical 3D scanner on the market with a motorised zoom lens that enables users to adjust data resolution and measurement volume entirely through software settings. This capability improves the productivity of quality inspection, and further enhances workflows with more efficient post-scanning alignment processes.

Whereas conventional structured light scanners have a fixed optical configuration, the combination of dual stereo cameras and optical zoom-enabled projection makes the SmartScan VR800 more flexible, allowing users to define in exactly which form they collect their data.

Three new software functions – Smart Resolution, Smart Zoom and Smart Snap – allow the user to customise inspection resolution and measurement volume with no mechanical alterations to the system. This capability means that data-heavy high-resolution scans can focus on the feature-rich areas that matter most, while covering other areas more efficiently via larger and/or lower resolution scans.

The new system simplifies the scanning process from start to finish. Users can: easily adjust scan detail and size with software (no manual changes needed); mix detailed and broad scans into one model for faster results; and process scans quicker by cutting down on excess data, while keeping essential details.

Pirmin Bitzi, general manager for portable metrology devices at Hexagon, explains: “The need to change optics for different use cases has always been a key challenge when implementing structured light scanning inspection solutions. Finding a solution to that industry-wide problem was a key motivator. We wanted a way to meet the demands of applications where it’s not efficient to scan everything at high resolutions, nor acceptable to scan everything at lower resolutions.”

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