Indexable mill for heavy roughing

The recently released Widia M8065HD indexable milling platform performs heavy-duty milling operations in steel and cast iron materials. Designed with eight cutting edges and extra wide chip gashes, the M8065HD is capable of achieving large depths of cuts while producing high metal removal rates during face-milling applications.

“Face milling is one of the most common machining operations, so we designed a versatile and cost-effective solution that delivers substantial improvements in metal removal rates in steel and cast iron,” says Christine Schneider, Widia senior global portfolio manager.

Engineered to feature a 65° approach angle with a 6.35 mm thick insert, the M8065HD has one universal insert geometry in three versatile grades: WP35CM, WK15CM and WU20PM. All inserts have a 2.37 mm wiper facet to provide reliability and surface finish. These key design features coupled with eight cutting edge inserts enable customers to reduce overall machine set-up times and inventory costs by utilising one tool for multiple operations.

M8065HD indexable milling cutters are available in nine metric diameter ranges between 50 mm and 315 mm, and one insert geometry. Orders for the M8065HD bodies and inserts, as well as other Widia metal-cutting tooling, can be placed through Widia-authorised distribution partners.

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