Improving cutting tool life and performance

The latest drag and stream finishing machines from OTEC Präzisionsfinish are enabling UK company Fintek to provide machine shops with a service that improves the performance and extends the life of cutting tools. Tool condition also directly affects the surface finish of a machined area and the probability of incurring more costs in further processing to meet the required end product quality.

Fintek’s managing director Jonathan Dean explains: “Worn tools – whether HSS, carbide or coated – can all be refinished to the original manufacturer’s standard or sometimes even better. However, this takes more than just re-grinding, which often leaves a sharp and brittle cutting edge that is easily chipped. The Fintek surface finishing service not only grinds but also edge-hones and smooths in one process. Edge honing puts a perfect radius on the cutting point, strengthening the edge to retain sharpness longer without chipping. Tool life is often more than tripled before needing to be refinished.”
In the same cycle as radiusing the edges of cutting tools to prevent chipping, unevenness on the surface peaks in the chip flutes is removed. This reduces friction, wear and allows debris from the cutting point to be cleared, which is important for difficult materials such as aluminium and composites. Again, in the same cycle, polishing takes surface smoothness even further. This process restores the original cutting geometries.
For UK tool manufacturers, Fintek provides a full range of OTEC DF and SF machines for inline production. From fully automated to robotised systems, all are able to edge-radius, deburr, smooth and polish in a single cycle.
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