Hydraulic chucks for tool grinding

Mapal has developed its first line of hydraulic chucks specifically for tool grinders. The HydroChuck Grind-A and HydroChuck Grind-M are manufactured for shank tolerance h6 and demonstrate low wear characteristics, says the company. In designing the new HydroChuck line, Mapal has paid particular attention to minimising access restrictions to the tool and achieving the best possible grinding wheel run-out.
The automatic workpiece clamping of the HydroChuck Grind-A is characterised by its energy-efficient function. The workpiece is clamped by means of a cup spring pack that ensures the hydraulics of the machine are only required for releasing the workpiece. Using two dial gauges, the hydraulic chuck can be set and adjusted in just a few minutes to micron precision. Furthermore, any ‘wobble’ can be compensated, says Mapal.
Complementing the automatic chuck (Grind-A) is the HydroChuck Grind-M, which is designed for manual workpiece clamping using a hexagonal head screw.
The HydroChuck Grind-A is available for the clamping of tool shank diameters of 20mm, whereas the HydroChuck Grind-M has been developed for 12, 20 and 32 mm tool diameters. Reducing sleeves are available to accommodate common tool shank sizes.
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