Hydraulic chuck suits EasyFix boring bars

Gewefa has developed a hydraulic chuck for holding SandvikCoromantEasyFix boring bars that removes the need for reduction sleeves while eliminating run-out and guaranteeing centre height at the insert cutting tip.
Setting time is reduced by as much as 75%, says the company, with the Gewefa design featuring a spring plunger mounted in the toolholder body. This locates into a fine groove machined into all SandvikEasyFix boring-bar shanks and aligns the bar position precisely for the correct centre height. Along with the hydraulic chuck operation, a secure grip is guaranteed with integral anti-vibration damping to optimise the machining process.
By eliminating the previously accepted method of securing boring bars into a toolholder with reduction sleeves, the opportunities for inaccuracy and bar deflection during boring operations are now reduced.
Gewefa also offers a solution for other proprietary systems with the ground angle on the back end (of the bar) locating against a stop pin at the base of the toolholder. This ensures precise central positioning and orientation with the bar then locked into the hydraulic chuck.
The advantages of all systems is said to be a 50% increase in cutter life due to the more secure, vibration-free grip, guaranteed repeatability when changing like-for-like bars and a simple, fool-proof fitting process.
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