Hutchinson Engineering invests £4m

Hutchinson Engineering has bolstered its business with a £4m investment in state-of-the-art laser cutting machines and an automated storage facility at its headquarters in Kilrea, Northern Ireland. This latest development, which represents the company’s largest capital investment to date, substantially increases the company’s capacity and fuels its vision to becoming the leading provider of engineering solutions in Ireland.

CEO Mark Hutchinson says: “This major investment is partly in response to the growing number of enquiries we’re receiving from clients seeking to nearshore their supply chains in materials handling, agriculture, coachbuilding and road transport. The markets in which they operate have seen immense volatility over the past few years due to Covid-19, increased fuel and shipping costs, and carbon reduction targets. Our clients are adapting to this changing market landscape and our latest investment means that we can build long-term partnerships to help keep their businesses ahead of the curve.”
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