Horn expands 3D milling system

In a joint sales co-operation with Boehlerit, Horn Cutting Tools has introduced to the UK market an expanded 3D milling programme for the tool and mould-making industry.

The ISO 00P is a universal tool system for general mechanical engineering and mould making. As the inserts are mounted in a neutral position in the tool holder, they ensure a high level of contouring accuracy. However, despite the neutral position, the edge geometry enables a soft cut to be achieved.
Boehlerit’s RhombiTec system is a universal finishing tool for all standard materials and applications. The indexable inserts demonstrate high manufacturing precision and long tool life, says the company. Of particular note, the axial and radial wiper geometry is said to ensure high productivity, good surface quality and vibration-free finishing, even at high depths of cut.
The BallTec and TorroTec milling systems are multi-functional tools for achieving high productivity. These systems allow users to save on tool holders, as the ball-nose copying tools are suitable for semi-finishing and finishing.
Additionally, Boehlerit offers a variety of indexable inserts and tool holders. The carbide shank with brazed insert seat provides vibration damping, resulting in high levels of surface quality on the workpiece. Inserts based on ultra-fine carbide ensure high wear resistance combined with elevated fracture resistance, which increases process reliability. All variants have an internal coolant supply.
For further information www.phorn.co.uk