Highest technical solution for QDM specialist

A quick-delivery mould (QDM) specialist says the ‘Draft Analysis’ function in VISI software from Vero is an important time saver for its business, and has played a major contribution towards meeting customers’ increasing demands for rapid turnaround.

Based at Incheon in South Korea, Polyhitech uses VISI as its CAD system for designing a variety of plastic injection mould tools for medical, automotive and IT products, and says it has slashed surface editing time by up to half.
Polyhitech’s mould design manager Jisung Li says as well as fast delivery times, customers also demand high precision, and that is where VISI comes in.
“The main reason we invested in VISI was that our previous CAD system couldn’t fully deliver our customers’ needs for shorter delivery times,” he says. “When we received data from them, we used to edit the surface before starting the mould design process. However, we found it difficult to meet deadlines because we were spending a lot of time editing where surfaces were corrupt or missing, and working on complex geometry where a high graphic performance was required.”
Li says the Draft Analysis function in VISI is perhaps the most important tool for the company’s mould design and production process. “I often use Draft Analysis after finishing the design. It’s so easy to check if there are any undercut areas. Our previous CAD system didn’t fully support that function, so I had to enlarge each part and check them one by one. Now, using VISI, I can quickly find any undercut areas through the colour display by draft angle, and it’s possible to split the parting line according to that.”
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