High surface finishes on milled parts

The latest Mikron CrazyMill Cool tool available from Floyd Automatic Tooling made its exhibition debut at MACH.

Developed for milling small dimensions, the CrazyMill Cool Ball Z4 four-tooth finish-milling cutter with shank-integrated cooling is available in the diameter range of 1 to 8 mm for milling depths of up to 5xD. The tool is suitable for machining materials up to a hardness of 54 HRc, and its development has been focused on stainless steels, titanium, heat-resistant alloys and nickel and cobalt-chrome alloys. A flute angle of 30° is deployed on the shorter tools with 2xD cutting length, whereas longer versions have a progressive flute angle
from 30 to 40°.
For further information www.floydautomatic.co.uk