High scan definition for large surface measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division isreleasing a new modular 3D laser scanner for large surface inspection. Suitable for use with both its laser tracker and portable measuring arm devices,the new Absolute Scanner AS1-XL is built on the same SHINE technology as the company’s flagship Absolute Scanner AS1, allowing it to collect clean 3D data at high speeds, even from challenging surfaces. With a wider scan line, the new scanner is suitable for applications such as aerospace panels, marine propellers and large automotive castings.

The AS1-XL boasts an ultra-wide scan line of 600 mm at mid-range. Together with its 1.2 million points per second acquisition rate and 300 Hz frame rate, it can scan large surfaces quickly without losing inspection detail. The scanner also features an extended measurement stand-off distance of 700 mm, which paired with its 600 mm working range allows for hidden point measurement capability of up to 1 m.

“Since even before the launch of the AS1 we’ve wanted to deliver that same level of data collection quality and automation readiness in a device focused on large surface inspection,” says Daniel Moser, laser tracker product director at Hexagon. “We’ve seen with our previous generation of scanners that the appetite and applications for a dedicated large-scale scanning device are out there in the market. With the AS1-XL, we’ve been able to deliver on the promise of that large surface measurement concept in a far more satisfying way thanks to our new scanning technology, which is ten times faster than our previous generation offer, the LAS-XL.”
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