High productivity in a compact footprint

Okuma, which is represented in the UK by NCMT, has added the 2SP-2500H CNC turn-mill centre to its line of ‘smart’ machines.
The front-facing twin spindles provide higher levels of productivity and greater reliability in volume production, especially for automotive parts.

The compact, automation-ready machine effectively integrates two lathes into one unit with a standard loader for continuous front and back work.
Okuma’s latest turn-mill machine enables stable unattended production over long runs via a high-speed loader that feeds blanks. Due to the machine’s novel design, the loader is able to enter the 2SP-2500H regardless of the turret’s position. Since turret retraction is not necessary, workpiece transport and changeover times are reduced.
Offering 5000 rpm, the turning spindle is said to be the fastest in its class, which combines with a smallest-in-class machine width of 2200 mm. Despite its compact dimensions, the machine features a maximum turning diameter of 250 mm.
The 2SP-2500H, which is 20% faster than previous models, offers milling capabilities that are supported by a maximum spindle speed of 6000 rpm and a motor output of 7.1 kW, making it on par with a small machining centre. The machine is also capable of face milling, drilling and tapping.
Okuma’s intelligent ‘Thermo-Friendly Concept’ app is designed to minimise thermal deformation and enhance component accuracy, while the company’s ‘Tool Life Forecaster’ predicts the remaining time before a tool exchange is required, thus preventing tool-edge breakage and reducing costs.
For further information www.okuma.eu