High-precision, high-volume face-milling solution

ElectroMill diamond and CBN electroplated grinding solutions from Engis are designed to replace expensive, complex, tungsten carbide or PCD milling cutters in the production of high-quality, flat milled surfaces in high-volume applications – even those with an interrupted cut or where multiple materials must be machined simultaneously.

Designed for use on a variety of machining centre types, in fact any system with high pressure coolant and 10,000+ rpm spindle, ElectroMill improves surface finish and flatness, while extending tool life and reducing cost per part, says the company.
ElectroMill solutions are offered either as an integral unit, providing increased rigidity and internal balance, or as a multi-part (shell) design, offering more flexible options and adaptability for legacy tool-holding situations. A number of standard taper options are also available.
The major benefits of the Engis ElectroMill include reduced numbers of operations, set-ups and inspections, along with high stock removal rates and low heat build-up (providing stress-free, cool cutting action). Engis says that ElectroMill extends tool life compared with conventional milling cutters because the diamond stays sharp with constant controlled micro-fracturing and no dressing cycles required. In addition, the ElectroMill solution is environmentally friendly, being usable with water-soluble or synthetic coolants.
The ElectroMill is aimed at sectors that include marine, automotive, aerospace and defence – and at a wide variety of components in ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials.
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