High load forming cylinder

Roemheld’s newly developed block cylinder S (‘strong’) is purposed designed for use in forming technology, including punching machines. This sturdy and compact cylinder is a further development of the established Roemheld block cylinder.

The block cylinder S is hydraulically double-acting and universally applicable for all linear movements with high force requirements. According to Roemheld, the cylinder can withstand high mechanical and thermal loads, and is suitable for operating pressures up to 500 bar and operating temperatures up to 200°C. Versions up to 250°C are also available on request.
Block cylinder S shows its strengths where high loads and side loads are to be expected, such as on punching, pressing, trimming, bending and stamping machines, as well as in joining and press-in devices. All designs are equipped with piston and rod guide rings, which absorb side loads between the moving components. The rod guide rings also prevent direct metal contact between the piston and cylinder housing, minimising mechanical wear. Importantly, the operating pressure of block cylinder S must be limited to 250 bar for these applications because of very high loads during punching.
As a result of numerous variants and small dimensions, block cylinder S can also be used for a range of other applications, such as operating core pullers and sliders in mould tools. The cylinder can also be deployed in fully automatic production systems with short cycle times thanks to its high load capacity. Inductive stroke end controls are provided for optional position monitoring.
A total of five sizes with piston diameters from 32 to 80 mm, and four stroke lengths from 25 to 100 mm, are available. If required, the standard stroke can be shortened by 5 to 29 mm by means of a shrink-fit distance bushing. Piston variants with internal or external thread
can be supplied.
For further information www.roemheld.co.uk