Hartford SW216 now available

Now available from Ward CNC are the Hartford SW216 and Hartford LG500 machining centres. Suitable for larger capacity work, the Hartford SW216 is a double-column, bridge-type travelling-table VMC with a 2 x 1.45 m table that can support the machining of parts up to 7000 kg. With X, Y and Z-axis travel of 2 x 1.6 x 780 mm, this 50-taper spindle workhorse has an 18.5 kW spindle motor for heavy cutting operations, regardless of material type.

Ward CNC says that the SW216 offers a blend of flexibility, rigidity and performance for the machining of large components. From an optional perspective, the machine is available with 22 or 26 kW spindle motors, a 32, 40 or 60-position ATC, and the choice of FANUC, Heidenhain or Hartrol Plus CNC control.
Also available is the Hartford LG500. Pitched as a high-quality, robust and capable three-axis machining centre, the LG500 has a competitive price point. With a 24-position ATC, an 8000 rpm high-torque 5.5 kW spindle motor and a BT40 spindle taper, Ward CNC says the Hartford LG500 is suitable for any machine shop.
Available with a FANUC or Hartrol Plus CNC interface, the Hartford LG500 is offered with a list of options. The Hartrol Plus interface has a 19” touchscreen control with an ergonomic angular operation panel. Behind this configuration, is the facility for five groups of value-added app, which include program management, operational assistant, machine monitoring, utilisation rates and maintenance support, all with an array of options that ensure ease-of-use and high functionality.
For further information www.wardcnc.com

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