Hard turning and fine grinding

The new MikroTurnGrind 1000 from Hembrug Machine Tools combines the advantages of precision hard turning and fine grinding in one machine. Kyal Machine Tools is the UK agent.

By combining both techniques, hardened workpieces can now be machined complete in one set-up, which saves on process steps and costs. Moreover, sub-micron precision can be achieved by, for example, avoiding clamping errors.
In addition, the absence of re-clamping errors results in sub-micron accuracy. The machine has a B-axis that offers optional space for features such as an external grinding spindle with a 300 mm diameter grinding disc and an internal grinding spindle.
If preferred, one of the grinding spindles can be replaced with a milling spindle. The MikroTurnGrind 1000 has a maximum machining capacity of 380 mm diameter.
Hembrug’s MikroTurnGrind 1000, which has fully hydrostatic bearings, can produce workpieces up to a diameter of 380 mm, or 200 mm x 1000 mm between centres. According to Hembrug, the machine is ideally suited to small to medium-sized product series. Automation is optionally available. The MikroTurnGrind 1000 was presented in public for the first time at the recent AMB 2019 exhibition in Stuttgart.
For further information www.hembrug.com