Haas lathe boosts stopping power

EBC brakes has been manufacturing high-performance braking components at its Northampton headquarters for nearly 40 years. In addition to the brakes used in various racing classes, the company produces a comprehensive range for road cars, motorbikes and bicycles, both as a standard series built to OEM specifications, and oversized brakes to increase performance.

Central to EBC Brakes’ production are its Haas machines. Machine shop manager Vince Goosey says: “We chose Haas because we love the fact the machines are built in the US. As a company that is built around manufacturing in the UK and US, we want to select machine suppliers that align with our company’s ethos. Investing in Haas – who were selected over a number of competitors – has allowed us to take full control of our manufacturing process by machining all components in-house.”
The Haas DS-30 SSY dual-spindle lathe is used to machine the hubs of two-piece discs for the car side of the business, allowing turning of both sides and the drilling of mounting holes. The two-piece disc, a steel rotor with an aluminium hub, is used predominantly to save weight and improve brake disc performance at the extreme temperatures seen on the track or during fast road driving.
To solve the issue of the rotor fluctuating in size as it heats or cools, EBC uses an SD (square drive) system, allowing the rotor to slide against the hub as it expands or contracts and therefore avoid warping.
For further information www.haas.co.uk