Grinder keeps pace with demanding schedule

A well-established Midwest-based manufacturer that cranks out millions of shafts each year, ranging from 38 to 203 mm in length, and up to 32 mm in diameter, has recently sourced a new centreless grinder from Total Grinding Solutions (TGS).

The machine was selected thanks to its ability to handle the company’s myriad of part sizes and diameters with minimal changeover time. Robustness was an equally important factor.
With hundreds of different component sizes to process, TGS incorporated two machine upgrades to ensure that parts were handled properly. First, a custom part-pusher assembly was placed alongside the load conveyor to ensure consistent part pick-up by the accompanying Fanuc robot. Second, an advanced vision monitoring system was attached above the load conveyor to check incoming parts for size and shape, and to eliminate any potential for misfeed. Since the initial order, the manufacturer has ordered two additional TGS machines with sophisticated automation systems.
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