Greater vision with Venture XT

The Bowers Group has made available the latest Baty Venture XT vision system, which is said to include major advances in capability and software for both contact and non-contact measurement. Features include an extended 200 mm measuring range in the Z axis and a new FEA-optimised column design with integral counterbalance. The Z axis and lens/touch probe assembly have also been revised, while faster XY-axis drives, touch-screen compatible software, touch-screen joystick, greater field of view, and magnification up to 12 x zoom are among further enhancements.

Of particular note is a major redesign of the software, providing users with a self-calibrating zoom lens featuring field-of-view error correction and improved auto-focus that can now find and measure from a distance in one move. Furthermore, image-stitching capability allows a large XY area to be scanned and displayed as a single image, while a ‘layers feature’ allows other geographical information such as DXF files, dimensions and measured features to be overlaid on the camera image and reported.
Geoff Jackson, business and product development director at Baty says: “We are delighted to announce the release of the new Venture XT; a sophisticated vision system that paves the way for high-accuracy contact and non-contact measurement. We have received excellent feedback on the Venture XT since unveiling the system at the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart earlier this year, particularly regarding the new field-of-view tools, which have reduced program execution times. We are very excited to launch the product here in the UK.”
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