German president to open EMO 2017

Germany’s president Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be opening the EMO 2017 exhibition (18-23 September) in Hanover. “We are absolutely delighted that our head of state will be honouring EMO with his presence, thus affirming the high level of perceived importance accorded to the nation’s industrial sector,” says Carl Martin Welcker, general commissioner of EMO. At the beginning of June 2017, more than 2050 firms from 45 countries had signed up for the show. There are more than 1400 exhibitors from Europe alone, while the number of Asian participants has increased from 21 to 25%.

“This means the current registration status is significantly above the comparable figure for the previous event,” explains Welcker. The opening ceremony is scheduled to last about an hour on 18 September. Besides Steinmeier, Lower Saxony’s prime minister Stephan Weil and CECIMO’s president Luigi Galdabini, will also be speaking.
After this, the German president will be taking
a tour of the exhibition.
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