Gantry turning centres boost MJB

“Achieving superlative levels of component quality, price and delivery, and working with consignment stock and just-in-time supply, are almost taken for granted nowadays,” says Mark Bevan, managing director at MJB Precision Engineering.

“So, any subcontract operation which wants to stand out and continually win new business must bring other USPs to the table.
“Above all, we invest in the appropriate, high-class machinery and supporting equipment to suit specific components and contracts,” he adds. “That said, each machine must also be versatile enough to meet any future new work from perhaps different industry sectors.”
It is a philosophy that today sees the MJB shop floor adorned with a range of quality machinery for both shaft-type and prismatic workpieces, and much of the turning/turn-mill capacity is accompanied by bar feeds or gantry loaders, including a pair of Takisawa Japan turning centres, both with gantry loaders.
“We’ve had experience of Takisawa Japan machines stretching back for 15 years or more, and our team are well-versed in their Fanuc CNC systems,” says Bevan. “So, when we needed to expand our turning centre capacity in response to new contract demands, we had no hesitation in investing in the brand by contacting Ward CNC. From experience, we know that the machines are well-built and very reliable.
“The machines were initially purchased to satisfy specific machining tasks including, in one case, the manufacture of an aircraft power component that is produced in batches of 50 to 100-off. But such is their flexibility in terms of spindle operation and capacity – the newer machine, the TCC1100GA with 6” chuck, can accommodate workpiece diameters and lengths of 220 and 171 mm – they are ideal for additional new work.”
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