From the garage to global market leader

What do you say to a lathe operator who usually turns highly complex parts with an outer diameter measuring between 0.4 and 0.6 mm? Kudos! IngunPrüfmittelbau GmbH started in a garage and has evolved into a global market leader in the fields of test probes and test fixtures within just a few years. Contributing to this success is a TornosSwissNano CNC turning centre, which the company acquired in 2014.

A highly complex test probe with a crown on its face pushed existing machines to their limits. Therefore, Ingun was looking for a new means of production, spotting the TornosSwissNano soon after its official launch. The machine is small, compact, easily accessible, stable and precise. Moreover, in the course of comprehensive turning trials in Germany, the SwissNano showed what it had to offer.
The oil extraction system and the pick-off device directly mounted on the spindle are particularly interesting features. In charge of the Tornos machines at Ingun is Nick Symanczyk, a young man with huge commitment and enthusiasm. “The machine is amazingly fast and what is particularly important to me is the accessibility and ease of set-up.”
Another aspect applauded by Symanczyk is the TISIS software: “I have felt at ease with it from the very beginning. The machine is easy to program, while the simulation function provides reliable protection against collisions.”
Thanks to various customised solutions on the SwissNano, within two weeks the company managed to land two big orders that would not have been possible previously. In view of so much positive experience, it is not surprising that another SwissNano was purchased in 2014, followed by two additional machines in 2015.
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