From motorsport star to industrial entrepreneur

Industrial services company NIKAB was founded in 2015 by Tim Marklund, at the time best known as a successful and daredevil snowmobile and motocross driver. The company has recently invested in new premises equipped with a waterjet-cutting machine from Water Jet Sweden.

Johan Ceder has many years of experience in waterjet cutting. However, for NIKAB, waterjet cutting was a completely new technique. In connection with the procurement of a new machine, Ceder contributed with special expertise and today he works at NIKAB with responsibility for waterjet cutting.

“The basic idea is that you can do most things with a waterjet cutter”, says Ceder. “We work with industry in a very expansive region, with companies such as Northvolt, LKAB and several paper mills where downtime costs a lot of money. They want their parts now and not in three weeks. With our own waterjet-cutting machine, we get short lead times and can also ensure that we deliver the best products. With our own machine, we can be more innovative and test new solutions.”

As in NIKAB’s own operations, quality, guarantees, support and spare parts were important in the choice of waterjet machine supplier.

“Everything has worked out exactly as I expected since we installed it,” says Ceder. “The machine from Water Jet Sweden always delivers according to plan. Also, I notice that the support team really knows their stuff and has been around for many years. I always get good help and the spare parts come quickly when I order.”

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