Four-flute solid-carbide end mill

Kennametal has added to its Harvi line of solid-carbide end mills in the shape of its Harvi I TE. With a radical new design, the HARVI I TE is suitable for use on materials that include steel, stainless steel, high-temperature alloys and cast iron.

Furthermore, thanks to significantly reduced cutting forces, the tool can be used on any machining centre or mill-turn centre in the shop.
“The Harvi I TE consistently outperformed competing four-flute end mills in both wet and dry machining tests on a variety of materials and applications, delivering unprecedented tool life in many cases,” states Bernd Fiedler, manager – solid end milling. “It performs exceptionally well on heavy roughing and finishing cuts alike, from deep cavities and full width slots to shoulder and dynamic milling.”
Kennametal engineers designed the Harvi I TE to address four key problems that plague more than 90% of all milling applications: chip evacuation, tool deflection, corner stability, and breakage due to radial cutting forces. The result, according to the company, is a tool that is durable and versatile enough to tackle the lion´s share of milling applications.
Consider chip evacuation. The Harvi I TE has a novel flute design that helps curl and break chips into manageable pieces, while a series of chip gashes within the flute lift those chips up and away from the workpiece. Both serve to promote coolant flow, eliminate chip re-cutting and improve tool life. A twisted end face and novel gashing further promote chip evacuation but are also responsible for the Harvi I TE´s ramping and plunging capabilities.
Tool deflection is reduced thanks to the tool´s parabolic core, as well as an eccentric, faceted relief along the entire flute length that lowers cutting friction.
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