Five-fold gain in cleaning efficiency

The arrival of a front-loading, aqueous washing and rinsing system from Turbex at the Hampshire production facility of UK pump manufacturer Selwood has improved the efficiency with which machined castings are washed in preparation for assembly.

Two rotating-drum machines, also aqueous and supplied by Turbex 20 years ago to supplant a trichloroethylene cleaning process, have been replaced by a new AC-1.7-2 twin-stage machine.
Selwood’s old equipment had served well, but its effectiveness was diminishing through age and an inability to maintain water temperature and activate the detergent adequately. A batch of 12 to 15 castings for the assembly of one pump used to take 40 minutes to clean and, sometimes, they would have to go back into the machine if still soiled. The new Turbex industrial washing machine can process five such loads – placed in four rectangular stainless steel stillages – in 45 minutes.
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