Five-axis productivity flows For Rivercircle

As a manufacturer of purpose-built leak testing machines, process automation and special purpose machines, and multi-cavity mould tools, Rivercircle Ltd produces and appreciates high-quality machines. That is why the Peterborough-based company says it now has two Axile G8 five-axis machining centres from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG). Specifically, it is the machining of pre-hardened tool steel and larger tool components that led to the addition of the Axile machines.

Jonathan Theobalds from Rivercircle says: “The important thing for our business regarding the selection of the G8 was the need for something with power, strength and rigidity. We’re machining hardened and pre-hardened tool steel, so we require that capability to remove a lot of metal quickly at the beginning and then move into the fine cavity work.”

Discussing one of the big advantages of investing in Axile G8 machines, he says: “With a five-axis machine we’re not doing multiple set-ups, so if we can strap the billet to the machine once and do all the heavy-duty coring-out before using the same machine for delicate finishing, there’s a huge efficiency advantage.”

The ability to hold 1350 kg on the moving bed of the five-axis Axil G8 is very important for Rivercircle.

“As machine builders ourselves, we really appreciate how the Axile machines are built,” says Theobalds. “The Y axis has twin spindles and twin drives, while the tilting B axis features a motor on each side. This design gives the machine excellent rigidity and accuracy. Furthermore, the Axile has a 20,000 rpm spindle and high-pressure through-spindle coolant for both heavy-duty roughing and high-speed finishing.”

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