First automated measuring machine for micro-tools

Walter says that its new Helicheck Nano is the world’s first automated measuring machine for micro and nano tools as small as 0.1 mm diameter.Available from Walter Ewag UK, the Helicheck Nano measures the small diameter tooling increasingly required to meet miniaturisation trends in electronics, micromechanics and medical technology. According to the company, the comprehensive measurement of tools with diameters of less than 1 mm is usually fraught with challenges, where even the use of microscopy sees human operation posing the greatest risk of error.

Walter’s Helicheck Nano takes a different approach, offering non-destructive and operator-independent tool measurement using transmitted and reflectedlight. The process is possible thanks to the use of new variable optics having up to 800x magnification, the origins of which lie in microscopic incident light measuring technology.In combination with high-resolution cameras, these microscopic optics are the basis for measurements in the nanoscale.The variable magnification also allows measurements on standard tools of up to 16 mm diameter.

Complementing Walter’s other fully-automatic tool measuring machines Helicheck Pro and Helicheck Plus, the new Helicheck Nano has a solid granite base for high-standard, certified measuring accuracy and reliable results, while its permanent cameras are protected from dust and extraneous light by an encased measuring chamber.

Importantly, the new machine offers the possibility of automation with a pallet system enabling the automatic measurement of up to 7500 tools without operator intervention.
Walter adds that it will expand the Helicheck Nano’s capabilities in the future to include functions such as cutting edge rounding, 3D digitisation and surface finish measurement.
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