FANUC unveils latest-generation ROBOCUT

Thanks to a number of breakthroughs, FANUC says that its new ROBOCUT α-CiC series of wire EDM machines offers even higher levels of reliability, cutting speed, surface finish and dimensional precision. The many customer-centric enhancements include an entirely new mechanical structure, pitch error compensation across the complete work surface, a simplification in taper cutting adjustment and a hardened table as standard.

FANUC’s new ROBOCUT α-CiC provides users with a major accuracy boost thanks to the introduction of a high-precision pitch error compensation function. A special factory-calibrated compensation grid ensures pitch error correction over the entire X-Y table area – rather than a single central point – delivering a significant advantage in workpiece accuracy. It no longer matters where the workpiece is located on the work surface, the same level of optimum precision will result.

Improvements in taper cutting performance and ease of adjustment represent another notable advance. The traditionally complex operation of setting and adjusting the wire taper is now straightforward thanks to the use of a basic jig guided by on-screen instructions.

FANUC appreciates that process control is paramount to success in wire EDM operations. ROBOCUT control enhancements via the latest feature-rich FANUC iH Pro user interface focus on leveraging the advantages of the new mechanical structure to cut more efficiently. The new and improved user interface with its 15’’ widescreen, multi-touch LCD means that more intuitive operation is a further advancement, even for those relatively new to wire EDM.

Two model sizes are available: the ROBOCUT α-C400iC and ROBOCUT α-C600iC. Users can load workpieces with dimensions up to 1050 x 775 x 400 mm in the X, Y and Z axis respectively, with a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

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