FANUC RoboDrill offers mill-turn capability

FANUC UK now offers what it describes as an affordable muti-axis turning and machining solution aimed at helping manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, utilities and energy supply chains reduce cycle times, cut costs, save space and boost production efficiency.

The FANUC RoboDrill D21LiB5ADV Plus vertical machining centre has a 24,000 rpm spindle and a Nikken two-axis high speed rotary table featuring a built-in direct drive motor that achieves 1500 rpm. Visitors to the MACH exhibition in Birmingham earlier this year could see the machine in action producing scroll compressor aluminium housings. The demonstration showcased the cost-saving and performance benefits available from combining milling and turning processes.

“FANUC and Nikken worked together to create a combined machining/turning cell with an extended range of functionality, offered at a fraction of the cost of machines with similar capabilities,” says Oliver Selby, head of UK sales at FANUC UK.

He continues: “At the heart of the solution is our D21LiB5ADV Plus RoboDrill, which is a three-axis machine in its core configuration. The Nikken table adds a further two axes, allowing users to turn and machine components on the same unit. This is a real breakthrough, bringing the functionality of million-pound machines within reach of SMEs at a significantly lower cost. It helps them become more competitive and to consider undertaking work that was previously beyond reach.”

Less than 3 m long and a little over 2 m wide, the RoboDrill/Nikken solution is a lean machine with a compact footprint. The Nikken 5AX-201 tilting-rotary table features pneumatic clamping to allow the rapid mounting and changing of difficult-to-hold components.

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