FANUC EDMs displayed at EMO 2019

Developed for high-precision cutting tasks mandated by the medical, as well as the tool and mouldmaking industries, two models from the Robocut range of wire EDM machines from FANUC were fully operational on the company’s stand at the recent EMO 2019 exhibition.

The smaller α-C400iB model was supported by a collaborative robot, complete with iRVision to identify components that need to be machined, while the larger α-C800iB machine was cutting aerospace parts.
Elsewhere on the stand, FANUC gave a full European debut to the company’s IIoT platform, which is called FIELD (FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive). The FIELD system connects a broad range of FANUC and third-party production technologies – including both new and legacy models – to provide fast, centralised access to all production data within a factory; helping end users take a decisive step towards smart factory status.
Unlike other IIoT solutions, FIELD is ‘edge-heavy’, which allows data to be collected and processed at source on the shop floor, rather than in the cloud, thus giving the operators access to far more accurate real-time data and analytics, explains the company. FIELD is fully scalable across multiple cells within a factory, to allow manufacturers to make informed and intelligent decisions that can drive tangible improvements in productivity.
The FIELD system is compatible with a number of different applications, including those designed by third parties, such as software houses, system integrators and even end users. FANUC’s FIELD system app store will launch in Q4 2019.
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