Expediting production of high-precision blades

GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) recently introduced, via its Liechti Engineering AG subsidiary, a high-performance simultaneous five-axis machining dedicated to the fast and efficient processing of high-precision blades used in the aerospace and power generation industries. The Liechti Turbomill 500g, with a whole host of features that include Liechti’s g-technology and ‘Tool Pivot Point’ machining capability, helps manufacturers machine high-quality, competitively-priced blade components in double-quick time, reports the company.

The machine, equipped with a 20,000 rpm HSK-A63 StepTec spindle and up to 2000 rpm turning capability, boasts 2 g acceleration/deceleration rates and 60 m/min linear feed rates, ensuring that the Turbomill 500g gets down to business fast. According to GFMS, the machine helps to reduce part cycle times by up to 30%.

These ultra-fast processing speeds do not compromise accuracy or quality as the Turbomill 500g can achieve blade accuracies of ±0.015 mm, and surface finishes of 0.4 µm. To ensure high-productivity through unattended operation, users can opt to equip the Turbomill 500g with a bar feeder that automatically loads bar stock into the machine.

For consistent, high-quality part production, the machine features direct-drive motors (on all five axes), as well as an internal bed cooling system and intelligent thermal compensation that helps stabilise machining temperatures and reduce the effects of thermal drift. The machine is also equipped with Liechti’s 100 rpm Tool Pivot Point innovation which, available on the machine’s B axis, ensures fast and accurate contouring around blade edges. Reduced movement of the linear axis delivers shorter cycle times, higher positional accuracies and less mechanical wear.
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