Event to showcase laser technology

The MTC is opening up its doors to showcase the latest laser technologies at the Laser Matters 2022 conference, which will take place at the organisation’s Coventry facility on 14 September. This free-to-attend event aims at encouraging businesses to explore the very latest laser technologies. Exhibits will include a new industrial-scale robotic cell equipped with a 10 kW fibre laser, a state-of-the-art waterjet-guided laser machine and a powerful 300 W picosecond laser.

MTC technology manager Tian Long See says: “Delegates to the conference will be able to see the latest laser technology advancements, understand how the technology can boost productivity and effectiveness, and meet laser industry leaders and early adopters to discuss the potential for their businesses. This is a great opportunity to explore the world of laser technologies and understand how it can help manufacturing businesses in many ways by speaking to one of our engineers at the event.”
For further information www.bit.ly/3Ab4Amk