ETG launches 5AX double-column machining centre

Now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the new DC12 model, a 5AX double-column vertical machining centre from Axile. The DC12 is the largest machine in Axile’s portfolio, suitable for handling heavy, lengthy workpieces. With a maximum table loading weight of 2500 kg, a maximum component length of 2.2 m and a workpiece diameter of 1.3m on a proprietaryintegrated rotary table of 1.2m, the DC12 takes on larger, heavier parts common in the aerospace, power generation and mould and die industries.

The double-column bridge construction provides greater rigidity, as well as better control over thermal deformation based on its sizeable RAM built as a box-in-box concept. Therefore, the DC12 is capable of both heavy-duty cutting and complex contouring while maintaining impressive precision levels, reports ETG.

With larger workpieces come more chips, meaning the DC12 features chip-removal efficiency to prolong tool life and ensure no residual interference. The DC12 has a chip auger, chip conveyor, through-spindle coolant, four coolant outlets at the spindle nose, air flushing and a chip wash-down facility.

Despite its dimensions, the DC12 incorporates directly driven servomotors, roller-type linear guideways, pre-loaded double nut ball screws and linear scales on the X, Y and Z axes to support 0.1 µm resolution. According to ETG, these features ensure that regardless of component size, the DC12 will deliver high levels of precision and repeatability.

From a flexibility perspective, the DC12 presents an HSK-A63 swivelling head B axis as well as a rotary C-axis table built into the large machine bed. This combination provides flexibility for large-part machining. The spindle is available with up to 90 or 120 HSK-A63 tools or 60 HSK-A100 tools.
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