Esprit for Profit unlocks tool potential

Esprit for Profit is a new, special edition of the software that works for tools which require specific tool paths generated only with CAM systems.

Tool manufacturers offer innovative tools with high potential to save time and money and to machine difficult parts and materials. These tools could be valuable for machine shops, but unfortunately it is not always easy to unlock their full potential.

“Esprit for Profit enables production to easily access all the benefits of these innovative tools,” says Luca Ruggiero, sales director for EMEA at DP Technology, the parent company of Esprit.

Offered via yearly subscription, Esprit for Profit does not require users to purchase a full CAM system or an extra add-on. The software is available for milling with Esprit’s ProfitMilling cycle or for turning with the high-speed ProfitTurning cycle.

The ProfitMilling cycle offers improvements in cycle time, boasting a reduction of up to 75% compared with traditional milling strategies, says Esprit. The cycle can also extend tool life by up to 500% thanks to a patented method of cycle optimisation that produces consistent chip loads and reduced cutting forces. The optimised, high-speed tool-path patterns reduce the need for rapid machine accelerations and abrupt changes in direction, which would otherwise negatively affect chip loads and increase cutting forces.

Esprit’s ProfitTurning cutting strategy features a tool path that maintains consistent chip load and cutting forces, allowing for increased machining speeds. This cutting strategy results in reduced cycle time and cost per part, providing increased productivity. In fact, ProfitTurning delivers a 25% reduction in cycle time and a 300% increase in tool life compared to traditional strategies, reports Esprit.

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