Ensuring machine assembly accuracy

For machine-tool makers, achieving manufacturing efficiency depends on fast and accurate quality-control processes. With traditional error testing methods beginning to hinder operations, Takam Machinery recently turned to Renishaw’s XK10 alignment laser system to deliver precision, efficiency and speed.

In an increasingly competitive global market, the more traditional methods of identifying potential geometric and rotational errors, including granite squares, dial gauges and autocollimators, were impeding Takam’s manufacturing and quality-control processes.

To resolve the inefficiencies and inconsistencies from a range of traditional error-measurement tools, Takam is benefiting from Renishaw’s XK10 alignment laser system. An all-in-one digital measurement solution suitable for a range of different CNC machine tools, the XK10 comprises: a launch unit for primary laser transmission; wireless transmitter and receiver units; a portable display unit; and a fixturing kit. An additional kit allows users to carry out parallelism measurements.

The XK10’s compact size, wireless connectivity and versatile fixturing means it is suitable for use in many different configurations, enabling error measurement across all types and sizes of machine tool. It can check that linear rails are straight, square, flat, parallel and level, and check spindles and chucks to assess the direction and coaxial correctness of rotary machines.
Huang Zhifeng, factory manager at Takam, says: “The system has increased overall testing efficiency by at least a factor of three compared with previous traditional testing tools. For example, we needed two operators working for more than four hours just to measure the linearity, flatness, verticality and parallelism of a 20 m gantry-type machining centre. But since we brought in the XK10, a single operator can complete the process in less than two hours, so the workforce can be allocated far more flexibly than before.”

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