Eliminating wire breakage and reducing consumption

GF Machining Solutions’ new iWire technology automatically adjusts wire speeds to changing part/feature heights and erosion conditions, thus helping to optimise the wire EDM process.

iWire technology, available on advanced AgieCharmilles wire EDM machines, automatically identifies and adjusts wire speeds to changing erosion conditions, helping to eliminate wire breakage and reducing overall wire consumption per job by over 25% in some instances.The iWire function works in tandem with the company’s Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS), both being key features of the company’s UNIQUA control.

Building on its technological knowledge of the EDM process, the company’s machines identify and measure the exact location of each spark along the length of the wire.This information enables iWire to adjust the wire spool speed accordingly, preventing the chances of wire breakages. GFMS says this capability is a tangible business benefit during lights-out and unattended operations when machining complex ‘stepped’ parts and/or features that have variable heights, for example.

Both ISPS and iWire help prevent wire breakage and, as a consequence, reduce wire usage and assist in controlling consumable costs and increasing machine uptime.In recent tests, iWire working in tandem with ISPS prevented wire breakage on a part with numerous features with varying heights.The cut started at a standard spool speed then, when the cutting height reduced, the speed slowedautomatically. As a result, the company observed wire savings equating to about 480m or 0.2kg, and processing times saw a corresponding reduction of 30%.
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