Efficient five-axis HMC from Makino

A new addition to the Makino family of five-axis machining centres is announced by UK and Ireland agent, NCMT. With a working volume of 730 x 750 x 700 mm, the a500Z horizontal spindle model features a rigid structure and low inertia, which is said to endow it with production efficiency similar to that of a four-axis machine.

A one-piece base casting, slant-bed design and three-point support offer high stiffness and stability, while the swivelling table has minimal overhang. High positioning accuracy is aided by the short distance between the A-axis pivot point and the workpiece. Also assisting precision is a thermally symmetrical structure that is combined with heat removal from the 303 Nm HSK-A63 Makino spindle and core-cooled ballscrews, while direct-drive motors on the rotary axes are fitted with cooling jackets.
The ability to use inertia-active control during simultaneous five-axis metal cutting allows users to accelerate and decelerate workpieces measuring up to 630 mm diameter by 500 mm high, and weighing up to 400 kg. Additionally, the standard automatic tool changer accommodates up to 60 cutters and achieves a chip-to-chip time of 2.4 seconds.
With regard to chip and coolant control, contrary to conventional five-axis trunnion table set-ups, the a500Z has a wide trough located beneath the table. Coolant flow from a washing system that encompasses the pallet loading area prevents chips accumulating by ensuring they fall directly into the trough.
Automation is available for both pallet and parts handling, including the MMC2 and VIP, which employ six-axis robots. Standard automation systems available on the market can similarly be integrated with the machine.
For further information www.ncmt.co.uk