Easy and powerful autonomous visual inspection

Inspekto has launched a new software version of its Inspekto S70, said to be the only autonomous machine vision system on the market. Based on accumulated customer feedback from numerous field deployments, Inspekto S70 offers smart features such as a recommendations centre that guides users in creating and maintaining inspection profiles over time, improving usability, versatility, process integration and accuracy of inspection. Inspekto S70 enables manufacturers to focus on agile manufacturing and process automation, while optimal quality inspection runs autonomously.

When setting up a machine vision system to inspect a new product, users must create a data file with the inspection characteristics. This is known as an inspection profile. The Inspekto S70 guides users step by step in the creation of new inspection profiles, with no machine vision expertise, making the process extremely intuitive. This allows manufacturers to achieve quality inspection independence and ensure that their own teams can perform quality control of their ever-changing production lines quickly and easily.

The Inspekto S70 now incorporates a new profile centre to help users easily improve and optimise profiles over time. This is a set of smart tools that guide users when adjusting a profile, in order to reach the desired performance level and ensure it is continuously adapting to mitigate changes in the production process and environment, such as tooling change, sub-component replacement or lighting variations. The profile centre also allows users to compare previous and new profiles for the same item to continuously improve the inspection performance.

To ensure continuous inspection performance throughout the life cycle of the inspected part or product, users benefit from autonomously generated, AI-based active recommendations to adapt the profile to production changes, either process- or environment-related.
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