Duratomic stainless steel turning grades

As Seco’s patented insert coating technology Duratomic enters its second decade, the company has released three new grades specifically for stainless steel turning. Among other things, the new TM grades offer customers used-edge detection technology, resulting in increased productivity.

More than a decade ago, Seco R&D specialists realised that it was possible to harness nanoscience and develop highly sophisticated coatings with thermal and chemical resistance properties that could be extremely strong and durable – at an atomically thin level. The result of their work was a patented insert coating technology that brought a combination of wear resistance and edge toughness to maximise insert grades in the prevention of cracks and breakage. Seco called it Duratomic.

“There are different ways to manipulate the various parts of the coating, and different translations of upper, bottom and centre layers for various usages. Knowing when and how to do it is what I would call the essence of Duratomic,” explains Mikael Lindholm, product manager – general ISO turning.

Today Duratomic has gone from strength to strength and is present in turning, drilling and milling applications.

“Seco Tools has always been expected to provide exceptional grade performance,” says Lindholm. “We recently released our Duratomic MP2501 and MP1501 milling grades, as well as three new grades within turning – TM1501, TM2501 and TM3501 — which are specifically for stainless steel turning.”

All these new Duratomic grades feature the company’s most recent generation of the technologies, with the possibility of access to chrome used-edge detection. The Duratomic TM turning grades improve productivity in a range of materials, from easy, often austenitic stainless steel to demanding high-alloy super-duplex stainless steels.

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