Dugard introduces Hanwha ‘cobot’ range

The latest HCR range of Hanwha collaborative robots (‘cobots’) is now available from Dugard.

Hanwha HCR cobots prioritise safety while offering installation costs that are up to a third lower than regular industrial robots. Dugard will be showing off the range at the Robotics and Automation 2018 exhibition, which takes place at Arena MK in Milton Keynes on 10-11 October, as well as at the Dugard open house in Hove on 17-18 October.
Regarding safety, the user-friendly series of Hanwha cobots offers collision detection at 25-150 Nm. Moreover, each cobot is built with joint rotation limit, joint speed limit, TCP speed limit and a virtual safety fence. The range starts with a small, lightweight model and extends up to a heavy-duty cobot with a large working radius. Suitable for all kinds of loading, unloading, picking and packing operations, Hanwha HCR cobots provide positional accuracy of 0.01 mm.
For further information sales@dugard.com